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Midwest Military is a supplier and manufacturer of collector military vehicle parts. We cater to WWII and Korean era Dodge-built vehicles, Korean era Jeep, and a few other WWII vehicles. We are not a WWII Jeep dealer, although, a lot of the WWII parts we have will interchange.

If you are looking for quality parts that fit the first time, see our PARTS pages. We have NOS and quality reproduction parts. Each list is only a partial inventory. We are always adding things. If you don't see what you need, just drop us a note, call or fax. If we don't have it, we may know who does. We accept VISA and MasterCard to make ordering easier. And we ship all over the world.



This started out as a one-man hobby turned business. It has now grown into a three-man operation. I have not let the business overtake the inital focus ... "the hobby". I am still an avid collector and restorer. Because of this, we started the fabrication side of the business. I found the quality of some of the parts available to be inferior. That combined with the depletion of NOS parts supplies and continued demand has made this all possible. I invested in the machines and made the quality of these reproductions the #1 priority. The thanks belongs to all our customers. We are always looking for new parts to manufacture, so if you have an idea, contact us.




The new facility is over 8,000 square feet, so shopping is now possible. You can actually see the parts now. Customers are welcome to stop by. We're open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, and weekends by appointment.

Of course, the majority of business is still done mail order. We ship to all parts of the U.S. and internationally.

We are always looking to purchase old inventories, parts collections, parts vehicles, whole vehicles or any WWII or Korean military-related items.

We also have vehicles for sale, please check out the FOR SALE pages if you are looking for a truck to restore. Shipping can be arranged.

My current private collection consists of:

a1942 WC58, 1941 WC4, 1945 WC62, 1942 WC61, 1944 GPW, 1942 Mack NO, 1942 Harley WLA, 1944 CCKW 353 Airtransportable, 1942 Diamond T, 1942 Bren Gun Carrier, 1942 M7 Trailer & Quad 50 Mount, 1941 M3A1 Scout Car, 1942 Ben Hur Trailer, 1942 40mm Bofors Gun, 1942 57mm Antitank Cannon, 1945 155mm Long Tom Howitzer, 1952 M38, 1952 M100, 1959 MK2/3 Ferret, 1967 M274 A5 Mule, 1975 M543 Wrecker.

But, the most covetted part of my collection is my very understanding wife and 3 kids.

To see the transformation of the vehicle pictured here and other vehicles
please check out the RESTORATION PAGE.




February 2014

Attention Weasel owners:

We have completed the sorting process and have the newly-acquired parts inventoried. See our new weasel page for details.
Weasel Parts


D-Day Anniversary Plate Now Available

The last great celebration of the D-Day landings is coming. Commemorate this great day in history with this special run, embossed license plate.
6 x 12 inch size in OD green and white like the trucks we drive. The three flags represent the allies of the 1940's.
This is a limited edition and has limited availability, so don't wait to display yours today. Proudly display this on your vehicle so people do not forget.

Domestic shipping is $4.90 for one plate and International shipping for one plate is $16.90.
Unless ordering a large quantiy, your shipping cost will not very much as the plates are light in weight.
Quantity discounts available, please inquire.

To order this plate, e-mail me at jbizal@midwestmilitary.net with your quantities and we will send you a Paypal invoice to pay from or
call at the phone number above.


Return Trip to Anchorage

We had an opportunity to go back to Anchorage and do some more picking. Here's another Picasa Web Album with photos from our return trip.

December 2013

Trailer Raffle Winner

Thank you to all those who purchased tickets for the Gary Wirth Restoration Trust. We have a winner....

Robert Allen from Glenville, Minnesota! Congratulations to Robert.


November News

We are excited to announce that Midwest Military has purchased all remaing Dodge, Jeep and Weasel inventory of E.A. Patson Parts located in Anchorage, AK!
An end of an era. Patson opened in 1954 and closed for good as of 11-18-2013. Rod and EA have officially retired and sold the property.

On the right is Rod Patson with the beard and Peter B who came to help me out. On the right are members of the local MV club who also came out to help me.
We stopped for lunch and I snapped this photo. My constant travel companion, Don W., getting a slice of hot pizza. A very special thanks goes out to:
John Goodman, Larry Wilkinson, Don Wicklund, Mark and Susan Strumsky, Loren Martin, Dave Huycke, and Peter Bise. Without these trudging parts haulers, I would not have
gotten the parts out and loaded in time before we had to head back. Even though they lived nearby, they said they would not have missed the picking trip for anything.
Though they worked like sled dogs, I think they had as much fun as I did. I was glad to share the experience with them.
A very special THANK YOU to Rod and E A Patson for their welcoming attitude, gracious hospitality and the opportunity to work with them to save these parts from going to scrap.

Click the following link to see the Picasa album with photos of the trip.

Customer Photo Gallery

Many customers of mine like to send me finished photos of their project trucks. I decided to share them with you. About once a month or so I will feature a new vehicle, or two. If you have photos to share of your finished vehicle or vehicles please send or email them to me. If you have sent in photos and I have not posted them yet, please be patient, I will get to them eventually.

Command Car photos sent in by John from Australia.
Click on photo to see more.


Also, if you are on Facebook you can now find Midwest Military there. Please "like" us and give us your comments!

John's Scrapbook:


November 2013 Trip

Weasel Pick - Oct 2013

War & Peace Show - July 2013

June 2013 - Back to Kansas

May 2013 Trip

February 2013 Trip

Prior Lake Maneuvers 2012

August 2012 Retrieval Trip

The War and Peace Show - July 2012 - Beltring, UK

MVPA Convention 2012 - Huntsville, AL

May 2012 Trip

April 2012 Trip

November 2011 Trip

Ohio Trip 10/2011

October 2011 Trip

MVPA 11th Annual Fall Rally in Spooner, WI

MVPA Convention 2011 - Dayton, OH

The War and Peace Show - July 2011 - Beltring, UK

May 2011 Picking Trip

3rd Annual Pine Patrol

MVPA 10th Annual Fall Rally in Spooner, WI - September 2010

MVPA Convention 2010 - Topeka, KS

The War and Peace Show - July 2010 - Beltring, UK

John's New Toy - June 2010

New Zealand MV Show - October 2009

The War and Peace Show - July 2009 - Beltring, UK

65th Anniversary of D-Day - Normandy, France - June 2009

32nd Division Artillery General Support Battalion - WWII photos

Wisconsin Trail Ride - October 2008

Reading Air Show - June 2008

Parts Hunt - Spring 2008

Living Military History Day, Le Center, MN - May 2008

Bofors Gun Acquisition

MVPA 7th Annual Fall Rally in Spooner, WI - September 2007

MN WWII War Memorial Dedication - June 2007

Hangar Dance - June 2007

Montana - April 2007

Howitzer Acquisition - March 2007

Parts Trip - December 2006

Parts Trip - August 2006

Normandy, France - June 2006

Southwest Parts Trips - Feb./March 2006

Photos by André Witneur in Belgium

2005 MVPA National Convention - Duluth, Minnesota

MVPA 6th Annual Fall Rally in Spooner, WI - September 2006

MVPA 5th Annual Fall Rally in Spooner, WI - September 2005

Nebraska Parts Trip - March 2005

December 2004 Southwest Parts Trip

Hawaii Trip - 2004

Oahu Party - 2004

Family Photos

John's Favorite Links:












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