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Dodge WC56 Command Car

The WC-56 was purchased from a MV guy in Phoenix about 5 years ago. Largely rust-free ­ we did a frame off restoration anyway and replaced the floor with a Midwest Military panel because the flooring was dented up but not rusty. Some of the hat channels were rewelded in place. The entire body was walnut hull blasted to protect the metal and all the body work done on a rotisserie. The frame was also blasted but with sand and primed and painted. Entirely new Vintage Wiring of Maine wiring harness was installed along with all new bake likes and a complete new muffler and pipe system. Muffler is NOS and so was the tail and exhaust pipe. The instrument panel as restored with completely NOS gauges and components. The original data plates are available but they were all replaced with newly done data plates. Vehicle was painted with 33070 Gillespie from one gallon cans.

The engine was the original engine from the vehicle and matches the data plate and time the vehicle was built. This was a transitional vehicle since it was built a few days before the start of WWII - December 1941. New tires were installed and the steering and all axle drive train components were rebuilt and reinstalled. All new brake shoes all around including new brake cylinders.

The top bows are original top bows but did not come with the vehicle. The window frame is original to the vehicle and some small rust was repaired and new glass installed. The wipers were original and redone and reinstalled.

The top was manufactured by Friday Canvas and the fitting was done by an upholstery shop locally where the snaps and were all installed. The seats are original to the vehicle and much of the original seat material was on the frames. The seats were carefully deconstructed by the local upholstery shop that then restored the seats using the exact same cotton batting and veering - the leather is close to the original color that was in tatters on the vehicle when I purchased it. The front seat has been moved rearward by 4 inches to allow "modern" humans the ability to drive it without knees in their chest. The floor matting is the exact original replacement rubber matting used in WWII from Roberts Restoration in NJ. The gas tank was R&Red by a local radiator shop and the radiator was redone.

The only major repro part on the vehicle is the rear tailgate which is a Midwest Military reproduction. All rubber and weather stripping was replaced new. The motor was rebuilt by a local machine shop and runs fine. All the original components were put back on the engine except a new carburetor was fitted. New fires were fitted to the ignition system. It would be difficult to improve on the restoration with either parts of quality of installation. The restoration was complete three years ago and the vehicle has been stored in a heated garage since ­ going to a few parades and never in the rain or the cold.

Currently marked for the 15th Air Force, 460th Bomb Wing HQs 761 St. Squadron HQ-1.

Price: $37,250.00
Contact: Dan at 505-883-1266