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Normandy 2009 - Page 2

The butcher shop in Crepon. Immaculately clean and the best sausice we had over there. A very pleasant business owner. He was glad to see us all. He did not speak English, but we had no problem communicating food. If you are ever near
Crepon, stop in and try their food. You will not be disappointed in it, or the service!

A Willys MA. These folks drove it all over Normandy. We saw it on the road several times. I sure hope they have a LARGE insurance policy on this one. The man on the right is Petra from the Czech Republic. He owns the Mack NO I was
drooling over. You can see it on the album link.

A Federal wrecker staged with a jeep at the Jeep Est business set up. They had a nice display there.

Mike and I found this hedge row while driving in the country one afternoon. It was actually darker than the camera makes it appear. We drove down this while imagining what the soldiers would have been going through while trying to
navigate this countryside. Notice the D Day license plate? I took my remaining 26 plates with me. I could have sold a thousand of them. We got stopped all the time and asked where we got it, how much and could I get more. A bunch went to new friends over there.

Part of the history of the coast is the German Cemetery. Quite impressive in it's own right. Different than the US Cemetery, but beautiful too. Most graves have at least 2 soldiers per. The center mound is a mass grave with dozens of soldiers. Worth the visit too. They paid a heavy price also.


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