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This page last updated 11/01/11

Prices subject to change without notice.

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Steering Wheel
New reproduction steering wheel for the M37 truck family.
A nice, accurate part that will enhance your restoration.
Limited quantity available.


Steering Column Seal
NOS part. Nice detail item and it keeps the wind out!

Headlamp Mounting Bolts and Rubber Bushings
We had these made for us years ago. Seems our customers didn't know it.
Bolts are plated for rust prevention. Now you can replace those nasty looking bushings with new ones
so your restoration looks professional.
Bolt - $4.00 each
Rubber Bushing, part # 7351352 - $3.50 each

M37 Front Bed Panel

We made a small run of front bed panels for the cargo box. These are always smashed up or rusted out.
Now you have a chance to make an average restoration into a nice one by adding this new panel.


M37 Fuel Pump
We now have in stock, NOS fuel pumps with the current rubber diaphragms.
The rubber being compatable with today's fuel.
$170.00 exchange.

M37 Troop Seat Bracket Set
Our customers have been begging us for years to make this part. They are finally done and ready for you.
Completely accurate reproduction! Guaranteed fit and function. We made ours by stamping them like the factory
so you get the best product. We can sell you them by the set or individually.

One set includeds: 2 hinge brackets and 1 center support
Set Price - $95.00

For individual pieces call for price.

M37 Rear Crossmember
We listened to our customers who were asking for a high quality replacement part. We reverse-engineered the original to come up with ours.
Correct in every way. All weld nuts and proper holes are in place. Paint and install.
Price - $235.00

M37 Headlamp Assembly

We found a small quantity of NOS headlamp assemblies. We haven't had any of these in 10 years.
Mint condition, still in the original packaging.

Brake and Clutch Draft Pads
We finally got the tooling right and production is finished. Now available, a soft, fresh rubber draft pad.
NOS ones are impossible to install. Also used on the 1/2-Ton WC Series!
$12.00 each


Seat Cushion
Attendents seat cushion for the M43 Ambulance. NOS condition.




WC Dodge Water Tube
This part is often rusting beyond use. Now, we have a new part that is plated to extend its service life.
This is an important engine component. Don't compromise your engine life. Correct for all 218 and 230 CID engines, civilian and military.

Glove Box Latch, Knob and Pin
Currently in stock are NOS pin and latch along with a metal repro knob. The pins and latches are almost always missing or damaged.
Knob - $10.00
Latch - $4.00
Pin - $4.00

Knuckle Bearing Cone
We have in stock NOS brass bearing cones for all the 3/4 and 1-1/2 Ton
WC-series Dodges as well as the civilian Power Wagons.
$55.00 each

Voltmeter - M-Series
Correct for any M-series truck or jeep. Correct Douglas metal shell for the early trucks.
This can replace the Ammeter with a 5-wire spider harness, (aslo in stock).
If you are running a Solid State voltage regulator, you must use this gauge.
$95.00 each

Reproduction Gauges
New 24V reproduction gauges are now in stock. Vey nice job manufacturing these!
Now you finally have a viable alternative to the NOS gauges that have gotten expensive and tough to find.
Need sending units? We have them in stock too!
$65.00 per gauge.

M Series Fuel Filter assembly
The NOS filters have dried up and gone away. We now have replacement stainless steel screen filters that will
do a better job than the original NOS ones ever did. These are available with or without the tube.
We have them available for the M38, M38A1, and the M37.
Element alone: $45.00
Element with tube assembly: $60.00


Large gear part #7412044 for the transfer case of the 6x6 WC Dodge or the M37.

Small gear part #7351234 for the PTO. Reverse gear. M37

Timing Cover

NOS cover with a new Rubber Lip seal.
You can buy this whole unit for the price of the seal.

Clutch Seal Plate
Part number 8330475
Goes between the engine and the bellhousing.


Taillight Door O Ring
New, fresh "O" Ring for all early M-series taillights and marker lights.
Keep the water out of your lights by installing this new OEM part. This seal is also used for all M-series distributors to seal the outer cap to the body.
$7.50 each.

M-Series Full Red Lens
Finally available again, the Gama Goat red lens.
These will fit all the Early M-Series round taillight housings.
Safer than the original small red lens, but still Military.
$24.00 each.

Lockout Hubs

SuperWinch discontinued their hub line. We now get them directly from the manufacturer. Improved quality too!
Make your truck easier to drive and reduce wear and tear of the front axle. Get these hubs and install them in about 15 minutes.
All parts needed for an easy installation included. Correct fit for all 3/4 T, 1 T, & 1-1/2 Ton WC series, M37 and Civilian Power Wagons.

Dodge Floor Repair Panel
Need a replacement panel for your M37, Civilian Power Wagon, or WC Dodge?
We can custom make any size panel with any pattern diamond stamping. This one has the Dodge pattern.
This panel is $18.00. Inexpensive to accurately repair your truck.
Prices vary depending on pattern and size. Call for details.


M37 Wiper Line Set
An accurate reproduction for your M37.
Includes the clips to hold it in place. Pieces are also available individually.

M37 Cargo Box Floor Now Available

The most accurate reproduction M37 Cargo Box Floor on the market. This floor is 98% accurate. No holes to drill, no cutting, no rework. Exact fit. The fuel tank access hole has the weld nuts in place also. Cover plate is included with purchase. We can ship the floor in two halves, or you can have a welded one-piece part delivered just like the original. If you take it in two halves, you will have to spot weld them together. We guarantee your satisfaction. Make your truck look factory fresh again!!!!

$450.00 each


M37 Right Hand Mirror Assembly
We reproduced the Canadian version of the RH Mirror.
You've always wanted a way to mount a mirror on that side, now you can.
Uses existing mounting and bolts. No holes to drill!
$39.00 each as in photo.
Mirror heads available - Black - $35.00
Clear - $35.00

M37 Winch Bracket
MWM has reproduced this always-missing and hard-to-find part. Part # 770-5773.
Two required per winch.
$22.00 each.

M-Series Headlamps
Wagner closed the plant, prices have risen. We sourced DOT-approved bulbs from overseas. Now we can offer you a choice.
USA Wagner (on left) - $40.00 each
Import (on right) - $28.50 each

Available in either metal or rubber connectors for any 24V system.

M37 Cowl Seal
We have reproduced the long seal under the windshield frame.
NOS seals have run out or had quality problems.
Now, a fresh, quality one is available.
$30.00 each.

M37 Windshield Cowl Seals
USA-made from quality rubber. Never before available. These fit under the windshield frame at the ends.
$5.00 each.

M37 Windshield Seal
Why settle for an import part that does not fit properly?
We have a US-produced part that meets the OEM spec.
Quality rubber so it won't crack in six months.
$24.00 each


M37 Spare Tire Spinner
MWM is having these re-cast. Difficult to find in recent years.
Now available for $45.00 each.

Cargo Box Spacers
We had these reproduced to the correct size.
Two thick and four thinner ones required per truck.
Correct for M37 and most other Dodge trucks.
$28.00/set of six.


Antenna Mount Kit
Midwest Military reproduction of the correct AB 243 mount kit.
Comes with everything to install.



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