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Page 11 - More M38A1 Featured Parts

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All prices subject to change without notice.

(These items last updated 7-27-14)


T90 Overhaul Kit
Complete overhaul set for the T90 trans.
Includes bearings, seals, gaskets, small parts
and the blocking rings.


Model 18 Overhual Kit
Major overhaul set for the Model 18 transfer case.
Availalble for all 3 center shaft sizes. All bearings,
small parts, shims, gaskets and seals.


Jeep Driveline Parts
We have a small amount of NOS driveshaft slip yokes with u-joint and flange for the jeep family of vehicles.
Please call for pricing of these items.


M-Series Plug Wire Wrench
A handy tool to have in your tool box.
This tool will allow easy removal or installation of the shielded plug wires on your distributor cap on any M-series vehicle.

Distributor Point Plate Kit

This kit contains the small parts to fix your ignition point plate on the M-series distributors.
Fix those broken or incorrectly replaced spring tabs with this kit. A critical part of the ignition system that is commonly overlooked!
Kit Price: $5.00

M-Series Distributor Lead
Correct lead for the M37, but can be used on any M-series truck with a distributor.
Replace that frayed wire with a fresh new one.

Shock Bushings
NOS shock bushings for all WWII through late CJ5's applications.
$2.00 each

Cage Nuts and Bolts
We have had these parts for years, but seems our customers didn't know it.
These are the correct 1/4 x 20 bolts and cage nuts for your M-series jeeps.
Bolts are $.40 each
Cage nuts are $.70 each

Filler Neck Opening
NOS part. Put a new part on cheaper than you
can blast and paint it.



Heater Kit

The heater kit for the 38A1 is back in stock. We found another batch. These kits were exposed to some moisture, so a few of the small parts will need to be repainted. We put new hoses in also. The grill cover is not included. Kit is complete except for the grill cover.
Price $325.00






M-Series Jeep Bow Brackets
Why would you pay a higher price for lower quality import parts when you can purchase our USA-made, quality parts for less?
We offer a full line of these items.
Any Bow Bracket for either Jeep - $15.00 each
Wing Bolts - $8.50 each
Chain & Clip Kit - $14.50

Canvas Door Frame Handles
We have in stock the early and late type door handles for all Jeep applications.
We reproduced the early type and found NOS late types. Early type was crimped on, late ones were threaded.
These fit all CJ2A, 3A, 3B, M38, 38A1 and CJ5 applications.
$18.75 each.



These are the escutcheons for the handles listed above.
These are available separately for $9 ea.

Timing Adaptor
We have purchased the manufacturing rights and tooling to produce this part.
We now stock all the components in house to supply you with this handy adaptor.
Make timing your M-Series vehicle easy. Allows you to use a conventional timing light.

NOS Douglas Metal Shell Interlinks
1-1 or 2-1 types available.
Other components also available, just ask.
1-1 - $1.50 each
2-1 - $2.50 each

Front Seat Pans
These have not been available for at least 10 years.
Now, instead of buying those expensive cushion sets, save money by ordering covers and our pans.
Die-stamped and correct in every way.
$39.00 each - 2 per vehicle.

M38 & A1 Headlamp Door Kit
We have a small amount of NOS outer headlamp doors available.
We put them together with the seal and our newly-manufactured spring clips to offer you a kit.
Each outer ring has 5 clips which retain the rubber. Clips were previously unavailable.
You asked so we made them. All parts are available separately also.
Kit price - $56.00
Door - $28.00
Seal - $10.00
Clips - $3 each or set of 10 for $26.00

M-Series Brake Light Switch
NOS metal shell brake light switch. Limited quantity available.
Trying to do an accurate, premium restoration? You will need this!
$95.00 each.

Water Outlet
We now have a nice aluminum water outlet housing for your F-Head engine.
Commonly corroded and needing replacement on most project trucks.

Generator Parts
We now have all the correct parts in stock for your 24 Volt M-series needs. Accurately reproduced by MWM.
Lower Mount - $25.00
Mount Bushings - $5.00 each
Special Mount Bolts - $4.00 each
Upper Adjuster - $14.00

M38 & A1 Seat Pivot Brackets
NOS pivots for the passenger seat.
Our reproduction chains, clips and pins for the pivots.
Pivots, Left or Right - $10.00 ea.
Chain kit - $14.50

M38 A1 Data Plate Set
These plates are the most accurate reproductions on the market.
We just had these made. Etched brass just like the originals.
We also have the rivets and master plate to mount them on. In stock and ready for shipment.
6 plate set - $48.00
Rivet set - $3.00
Master plate (not pictured) - $17.00
Fording Plate (not pictured) - $10.00
Patent Plate - $10.00
On-Off - $10.00

Backing Plate for Data Plate Set
A MWM repro of this never before available part.
Made from an NOS original, perfect fit.
$17.50 each.

Starter Support Bracket

$9.50 each.



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