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Page 12 - More M38A1 Featured Parts

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All prices subject to change without notice.

(These items last updated 11-4-11)


Tire Chains
We found a small batch of 7:00 x 16 tire chains.
Two chains per bag. Brand new condition.

M38A1 Parking Brake Components
We are proud to offer a full range of parking brake parts for the M38A1.
We just finished making the rare shoe set. We now have everything you need to install the parking brake system.
Shoe Set - $75.00
Pullrod - $28.00
Lower Lever - $49.00
Stop - $4.00
Anti-rattle Washer - $2.00 each

Parking Brake Anchor Pin
We have finally found some NOS parking brake anchor pins for the M38A1.
Now, combined with the other parts we stock, you can totally rebuild your parking brake system and eliminate that rattling noise.

Steering Wheel Nut
New MWM-made steering wheel nuts for the M38 and M38A1 jeeps.
Why bother with that rusty one when you can put a fresh quality one in its place!?!

Upper Generator Adjuster Bolt
New MWM product.
Fits ALL 4-cylinder Jeep engines from 1942-1968.
$5.50 each

Glove Box Lock
Finally back in stock! Glove box lock for the M38 and 38A1 Jeeps.
May also be used on the CJ series. Original manufacturer --USA made!
H700 key so you can have some security with your Jeep.
Also available are the correct strikers.
Lock - $28.00
Striker - $7.00

Jeep Exhaust Valve Parts
This is the new style valve to replace the rotator style.
Requires the use of this retainer and keeper set. Rotator style valves are no longer available.
Valve - $17.00
Retainer - $5.00
Keeper Set - $2.50

Transfer Case Shift Lever Boot
Other boots available elsewhere deteriorate in six months, so we decided to make our own.
Now available, a quality part built to last. Fits CJ2A, CJ3A, M38, M38A1, CJ3B and CJ5.
Economically priced at $13.00 each.

Jeep Radiator Hoses
Tired of poor quality hoses that crack? We were too. We have worked with a manufacturer in the USA
to produce these hoses for you. The lower hose for the M38, MB, GPW and the CJ series
is custom-made from the newest rubber and it also has the wire reinforcement inside!
Exact fit and quality-tested.We also stock the correct hose clamps.
M38A1 Upper: $18.00
M38A1 Lower: $22.00
M38 Upper: $15.00
M38 Lower: $22.00
Bypass Hose: $12.00

Jeep Water Pump
We are now stocking USA-made water pumps. Available with the single groove pulley, or a reconditioned original two groove.
Guaranteed to have your belts run true and the proper fit so the pulley won't fly off. Core pulley required for the two groove.
Single pulley pump - $60.00
Double pulley pump - CALL for pricing.

Military Hold Downs
Now in stock, NOS hood and windshield hold downs. Right angle and straight type for your Jeep and Dodge applications.
Will also work for other vehicles.

Taillight Door O Ring
New, fresh "O" Ring for all early M-series taillights and marker lights.
Keep the water out of your lights by installing this new OEM part. This seal is also used for all M-series distributors to seal the outer cap to the body.
$7.50 each.

Taillight Bracket
Correct for the M38 or 38 A1. A weld-in part that was not previously available.
Commonly rusted out or damaged, now you can easily fix the problem.
$14.00 each.

M-Series Full Red Lens
Finally available again, the Gama Goat red lens.
These will fit all the Early M-Series round taillight housings. Safer than the original small red lens, but still Military.
$24.00 each.

Wiper Motor
NOS condition. Very hard to find in recent years. Rebuilds are costing as much or more than our NOS ones.
We also have arms, blades and acorn nuts in stock.
Motor: $125.00

Jeep Engine Stay Cable
Engine stay cable for the M38 and 38A1. Very nice reproduction.

NOS Jeep Stay Cable
Now in stock, NOS engine stay cables for the M38 and M38A1 Jeeps.


Jeep Master Cylinder Cover Plates
Tired of paying the increasing prices on the import parts?
Now you can purchase a higher quality, USA-made part from us for less money.
Available for either the WWII Jeep or the M38 and A1. Also fits the CJ series Jeeps!
$14.00 each

Oil Sender Brackets
New reproduction brackets for the oil sender.
Totally correct, ready for installation.
M38 and M38A1.

Carb Kit
Now available -- an OEM-quality comprehensive kit.
Includes all hardware and the idle mixture screw.
Stop all those annoying run problems!

Mirror Arm Assembly
Dissatisfied with the quality of the currently available mirror arms, we had these nice, USA-made ones produced.
Arm and swivel can be used on M38, 38A1 and M37. We also have the correct mounting brackets for
each model. All pieces can be purchased separately. Very nice repro black mirror head also available.
Head is correct for all WWII vehicles and early M38 and M37. Standard color mirrors also available.
Mirror Arm & Mounting Brackets - $36.00
Black Mirror Head - $35.00.

Wiring Harness Kits
Accurate reproduction harness kits with metal Douglas connectors.
Available pre-wired for turn signals also.
Replace that old, frayed harness before you have problems.
M38A1 Std. - $730.00
with signal - $905.00.

M38A1 Fording Cable Bracket

MWM reproduction lower fording cable bracket.
These are almost always missing.
Complete your restoration with this piece for only $15.00.


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